Various LIES about admissions in Bangalore and the TRUTH

Get all information about the various rumors about direct admission in engineering, medical, top college admissions through management / NRI quota.

LIE 1 --
The level of education in Bangalore is not good.
TRUTH - The level of education is top notch in Bangalore and the universities and most of the colleges in Bangalore are at par with the best in India, if not better. Visvesvaraya Technological University and Bangalore University which awards degrees for various courses are among the best in the country and are known for their quality and transparency. 

LIE 2 -- Direct admission to professional courses in illegal.
TRUTH - Direct admission process is perfectly legal. It gives access to students to study their chosen stream which otherwise would have alluded them. The process, if conducted properly is very transparent and 100% as per norms.

LIE 3 -- Admission through management quota effects placement.
TRUTH - The above assumption is incorrect. A student who has good grades and have good soft skills would get a good grade irrespective of how the candidate has secured a seat (entrance exam or direct admission). Right Placement for Right Candidate is the motto for the prospective employers. In case, a student has not scored good grades and has not studied properly, he/she will suffer during interviews.

LIE 4 -- You don't need to study that much if you have paid for admission.
TRUTH - Direct admission or admission through management/NRI quota is just a gate pass to study a particular stream. It has no bearing towards a student's results. All exams are conducted by the university and they see no difference between student who is studying under a scholarship or has paid for his seat. The student needs to study as there are no short cut way to success.

LIE 5 -- The more money you spend on admission, the more high-paid jobs you can get.
TRUTH - This rumor has been doing rounds in the market that money is directly linked to success. It is completely false. Money has no effect in securing a good career for the student. The student has to work hard, learn the subject thoroughly and make him/herself marketable to get a good career. 

LIE 6 -- It is mandatory to go through an admission consultant to get admission in good colleges.
TRUTH - It is not mandatory to go through an admission consultant. But, it is advisable to go through a good & dependable organization who knows the nuances of the education system and guide the student through all the steps of choosing a career path and college. 

LIE 7 -- Admission consultants can arrange for 50% or more discount in college fees.
TRUTH - No, it is not possible. Sometimes unqualified agents promise heavy discounts to cheat a prospective student. Be careful of them who offers the moon for the price of peanuts. Established organisations can offer a slight discount to the college fees due to their association with particular colleges, but they are never close to 50%. The dishonest agents use a system call part admission to con the students. During a con, the student is admitted with just a fraction of the actual fees and the agent promises the college that the student will pay the college in regular interval. The information is kept away from students and they only come to know about it when the college demands for the fees to be cleared. So, be aware of the monetary transactions between the student and the college.